Digital Art

After a break of many years, I only picked up the digital pen again in 2022. Although painting and drawing have always been important to me, the muse was simply no longer there.
I used to draw mostly fan art; especially for Final Fantasy VII. Unfortunately, much of it was stored on lost hard drives and USB sticks.

Final Fantasy VII FanartKilling Fields
Cover-art for a never published Dōjinshi

Final Fantasy VII Fanart – Tseng
Back then I did a lot of stuff with MangaStudio.

Taking up the pen again

Since I felt totally insecure, I only drew from tutorials at first. And I found great videos on YouTube that helped me so much. At the moment I’m more into cute motifs and watercolour style. But that has something to do with the fact that I’m still learning my way around Procreate.

Tutorial by Art with Flo

Zen Sunset
Another Tutorial from Flo

Cute Fox
Thanks to Genevieve I really developed a liking for watercolour

I still doodle regularly with pen and pencil on pieces of paper lying around, but I mainly use my tablet and stylus now.

Who let the dogs out?

I love dogs. Consequently, they were the next victims of my reawakened joy of drawing.

Fun in the garden
A really good friend gave me the permission to use a picture of her daughter and dog to practice drawing.

She is also known as “the Ewok”.

My Babies
There is a long story behind this drawing. The Reference Image is one of my all-time favourite photos of my two soul dogs together with their best buddy. They are in costume, because it was a funny art challenge.

So long, and thanks for all the fish

It may be due to the watercolour style that it is so much fun to paint everything that lives in the water.

Me and the problem with outlines – still, I really like this painting.

Beta fish
Never owned one and probably never will. But I really like them.

You can find more of my drawings in the gallery.