Hello World … again

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So I’m sitting here at home in severe pain, because Lumbago is really a thing. Up until a few days ago, I never would have thought that I could almost kill myself just by getting out of bed. Now I know better.
After spending a lot of time lying on my stomach and finally watching the first and second seasons of Bridgerton, I needed to get busy with something else. Working is out of the question right now because I’m having to let out screams of pain at irregular intervals. That could distract a lot of people, who just need help with their daily computer problems.

I grabbed my iPad and a pen and started drawing a dragon. My first attempt at drawing one at all. I was pretty happy with the result and thought, “Hey, I used to upload stuff like this on Deviantart.”
Yeah – that’s the most obvious indication of how old I am and how long it’s been since I’ve uploaded any drawings or photos to a public website.
I was so disappointed. I wallowed in my own sorrow and remembered the days of my not-so-innocent youth. And how great and easy everything was back then. (Did I mention that my brain is pretty foggy from lumbago?).

That’s why I obviously went for the simplest solution: Set up my own website again.
I can share my drawings and photos with the world, keep the copyright for everything and can also philosophize about life, the universe and all the rest.
Totally simple — isn’t it? Oh, what a Sweet Summer Child I am.

I haven’t really coded websites in years; WordPress has completely changed; I switched from Windows to Mac … it’s an interesting journey ahead.