Hello, I’m Jo – a young GenX (old Millennial) who always has been a nerd and geek. 

And it is all my dad’s fault. He let me watch Blade Runner when I was eight years old. And thus I was spoiled for life.

Also, he really got me into any form of Art.
After the whole Blade Runner thing I started to read his comics. From Tintin over Moebius to Bilal. So, I developed a liking for Steam- and Cyberpunk aesthetics quite early.

With my first Gameboy I found another passion: Gaming. A lot of years later I met the love of my life during a Mass Effect Multiplayer Session.

Why this website now?

I haven’t really been active in any kind of social media for a long time. Personal reasons. I didn’t draw, write, or took a lot of photos either. Just doubted myself and my creative abilities. 

Then I found the fun in it again. And that is it. 

I do it for fun.

To find an outlet for all the stuff that is going on in my head. Honestly, at this point I have no clue or a long-term plan how this site will develop. If I just use it as a dump to post my scribbles and random thoughts or if I start to write and create tutorials again.

My Blog

… is my blog and therefore my thoughts and opinions are presented. Most of it will be about art, gaming, tech gadgets and travelling. But since I decided to start blogging again, one or the other rant can and probably will happen. 

Why in English?

There are several reasons for it.
The first and most silly one is the top domain. I know a lot has changed over the last years, but with a domain ending in .com I believe it’s better to stick writing in English. Although it is not my native language I will try my best to avoid grammar mistakes.

And like I stated before I have no idea what will develop out of this.